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Who wants a quiet room?

Background music systems promote a positive mood, alertness and stress relief. They get your mind off of the frustrations of the day and make times with friends and family more enjoyable. Whether you are trying to relax after a long day at work, having a party or enjoying some grilling on the patio, music makes the experience just plain better.


The key to a good multi-room audio system is the installation. The discretely installed speakers, the clean and well run wiring, and components which are organized, easy to access and control. Our installations promote these aspects and focus on high end fidelity and quality.

Sonos Simplicity

The backbone of our audio systems is the Sonos music system. By far there has not been one product that has simplified the digital music experience better than Sonos. The Sonos system allows you to listen to you computer based music from any where in the home. With an intuitive and organized app for your PC, iPhone and smartphone you will be listening to music inside and outside with complete control and functionalilty. Probably the best part of Sonos is the compatibility it has with music platforms. It works great with digital music files that people have emmassed on hard drives and PC's. It works great with apple producs, and integrates with online music providers such as Spotify, iHeart Radio,  Pandora and others better than anyone.

Our Installation services
  • Speaker and control wiring, brackets and receptacles for finished homes and new construction

  • Installation of in wall, in ceiling and mounted speakers, touchscreens, amplifiers, power and rack equipment

  • Programming of system with smart phone/touchscreen integration

  • Connectivity to CD players, IPods, Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, media servers and computers

  • Integration with other home automation systems

  • Sound adjustments for optimal quality and fidelity

  • Integration with home theater and surround sound systems

  • Complete project consultation, design, installation, follow up service & maintenance

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