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Mayday! Mayday!

It's hard to think of our day to day lives without encountering a computer. A PC can be like Jekyll and Hyde. Powerful, quick and efficient one minute then sluggish, difficult and frustrating the next.  Our home and business computer solutions bridge the gap, and keep you moving. Whether it’s a slow home desktop PC, synchronizing a smart phone, or an cloud solution, we can handle all types of situations.


We provide 24-hour remote emergency support as well as on-location service call support. This includes single incident, bi-yearly, or yearly maintenance. We provide simple, secure and understandable solutions for homeowners and powerful multi-faceted systems for our business customers.

Secure yourself

When it comes to computing in today's day in age, everyone wants speed and accessibility. We want to download that song, update that social media status, or send out that client email. It does however come with consequences. Viruses can overtake a system, spam can overload email, and spyware can steal passwords and data. It is critical to understand the risks of the internet world, and protect yourself.


There are many ways to protect yourself, such as frequent updates of software and virus protection. Heuristic scanning of malware, automatic backups, and strong passwords are just to name a few.  Our computer service work emphasizes data system security, focusing on respecting and protecting our client’s information and privacy.


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Our Installation services
  • Computer building, hardware & software support

  • Registered Dell PartnerDirect Registered Cisco Value Added Reseller & Partner

  • Microsoft & Apple system support

  • Computer networking, wired and wireless

  • Network wiring, Cat-6, Cat-7, fiber, routers, hubs, switches, wireless access points

  • Encryption & security, firewalls

  • Microsoft Small Business Server, Windows 11, Windows 10

  • Data protection, backup, disaster recovery

  • Remote desktop, VPN, iPad, IPhone, Droid, smart phone setup

  • IP telephone, hybrid phone & intercom systems

  • Complete project consultation, design, installation, follow up service, & maintenance

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