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photos of our work

Ubiquiti Outdoor Camera
Ubiquiti Outdoor Camera

The camera has been painted to match the outdoor color scheme of the home.

Ubiquiti Outdoor Camera
Ubiquiti Outdoor Camera

With a small footprint these cameras can be installed with no visible wiring.

Ubiquiti Outdoor Camera
Ubiquiti Outdoor Camera

High definition video and recording.

Ubiquiti Outdoor Camera
Ubiquiti Outdoor Camera

See details of cars driving up to your home with license plate information.

Technomad 70volt outdoor Wi-Fi amplifier used to power seven outdoor speakers. These amplifiers provided ambient background music along Strata Place, the main street at Mercato.

A close look at the Technomad PowerChiton amplifier. The amp had a built in Wi-Fi card along with a small antenna which provided connectivity with a minimal footprint.

Bose Freespace speaker installed within a finished landscape bed. Wiring was carefully buried around the existing vegetation.

The Technomad PowerChiton amplifier. The amp is completely watertight and is in the vernal green color to match the vegetation in the landscape bed.

Pole mount for outdoor amplifier with NLF4MP water tight speaker connectors.

A Bose outdoor landscape speaker and Technomad outdoor amplifier. In total we installed this system for 37 landscape beds at the Mercato outdoor mall.

Bose outdoor Freespace speakers, with buried 14 gauge wiring running within the landscape bed.

A flat panel TV hung within a family room built in.

A rack system with local surround sound and multi-room background audio.

Multi-channel surround sound for this stylish family room system.

Ceiling speakers for an outdoor patio area

A sound bar below a hung flat panel TV. Providing TV sound as well as background music for the room