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Privacy Policy, Services & Terms

Website Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing our website. We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting personal information. This privacy outlines how we collect, use, and protect your data. By using our website, you agree to the terms of this policy. We may update this policy from time time, so please check back regularly for any. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us.

IT Watch 

IT WATCH SERVICES AS DEFINED - CLIENT understands that standard and advanced IT WATCH services Include setting up access to the CLIENT'S Local Area Network (LAN) for purposes of OBSERVING and VERIFYING the connected devices on the LAN.  Included is the REPORTING of any operational, hardware or security Issues to the CLIENT.  IT WATCH does NOT Include advanced configurations, adjustments, corrections, repairs, fixes or service of those Issues.  That work shall be deemed OUTSIDE of any agreements and subject to the hourly rates of NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO SYSTEMS. 


NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO Is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the CLIENT.  The CLIENT understands that NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC will collect personal information only to the extent it is necessary to observe, monitor and service the systems, devices and property for issues.   NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC agrees that all personal information collected will be kept confidential.  CLIENT also understands that personal information of NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC be kept confidential. If CLIENT is legally compelled to release information about NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC to a third party, you will inform NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC.   All electric monitoring will be confined to NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC work and you will not monitor personal telephone calls, electronic mail, or other personal communication.  NEWCOM AUDIOI VIDEO LLC does not share it client list with any third parties. 

No Guarantee

NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC hereby agrees to perform the duties outlined in their work. Neither this work nor the performance of NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC shall be construed or implied to create a guarantee or insurance policy that the location or devices observed  will not sustain damage or that a damaging condition will not occur at the location.   It is impossible for us to guarantee the safety or condition of your location, data or equipment.  We also cannot warranty against break-in, vandalism, cyber threats, hackers,  stolen identity, malware, data mining, or other acts of nature. Anything can happen at any time. 

Additional Items

NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC will assess all service work for proper operation and train all responsible operators of the system. NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC will coordinate and communicate all deliveries to site, as well as schedules, and location access requirements. We will need access to several points within the building.  The installation will be neat, with all equipment level and square as per the verbal acceptance of the CLIENT.  All installation work and wiring will be based upon local electrical codes. It is our discretion the wiring runs and pathways. Areas must be clear of clutter to accompany this installation. It is understood that areas of drywall, spray in or fiberglass insulation may need to be cut in order to facilitate installation work.  Unless otherwise specified, NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC will replace the removed areas, and it will be the responsibility of the CLIENT to patch, spackle, and prime and paint these areas. Unless otherwise agreed upon, all service work shall be conducted during normal business work week hours. It may be necessary for NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC to coordinate with other installers and subcontractors including access to passwords and network IP addresses. NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC will collaborate with the CLIEINT and other parties involved to ensure a smooth installation. NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC will need internet access at the site location. NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC is not responsible for any interference of wireless/wired devices at the site which causes a failure or delay with the equipment operation NNEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC is not responsible for any security breaches or limitations of networks.   In certain situations it is understood that these devices may need to be re-set or re-booted in order to maintain smooth operation. Equipment, installation and labor will be billed NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC.  Any changes, requests, additional parts or labor resulting in increased costs not specified within this estimate may be subject to additional fees agreed upon by NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC and the parties involved. NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC will attempt to perform the installation in a timely matter. NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC is not responsible for delays due to product shipment, weather or act of God. Warranties are based upon the individual manufacturer’s warranties.  Any damage to installations and/or equipment by any other third-party installation company will void all and any warranties. NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC is not responsible for the warranties of any owner furnished equipment. It is recommended that NEWCOM AUDIO VIDEO LLC provide yearly service maintenance on all equipment and devices installed. 

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