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Our Services

From consultation, design, installation, follow up and repair service, we can provide a solution for you.

Home Automation

Home automation systems bring together security, lighting, climate, shading....the options are endless.  Enjoy the ultimate convenience of a custom-tailored Smart Home that easily connects to and manages multiple intelligent control services and devices simultaneously, effortlessly synchronizing countless commands to suit each household member’s smart home control preferences.  We create custom automation systems that provide sophistication and comfort for you.  All from a single source, smartphone, computer or touchscreen.  Anywhere, anytime.

The foundation of our smart home systems is our attention to detail specific to the design end.  We spend days and weeks planning, adjusting and re-configuring our system designs.  The conversation with all parties involved, including contractors and of course the customer is vital.  

Home Automation
Image by Sufyan

Audio & Video

A/V systems have been a staple of our lives for years.  They promote a positive mood, relaxation and take your mind off of the frustrations of the day.  Whether you are trying to unwind,  having a party or enjoying the game,  let us design an audio video system for you, optimizing your enjoyment and investment. 


Our installations focus on a an aesthetically pleasing look, with correctly mounted and installed devices.   The TV is installation should achieve the “floating look”, with perfect uniformity, leveling and no visual wiring.  Speakers are discretely installed either in-wall, or around the TV with high fidelity, deep sound and crisp dialogue.  Components are hidden away, with wiring organization, proper venting and connectivity, ensuring a long-term successful installation. 

Audio Video

Wi-Fi Networks

A high-speed Wi-Fi network is as critical in our lives today as watching the news or driving a car.  The ability to shop online, work from home, and stream high-definition video are just a few things we no longer hope to do, rather we expect.  That being said, even  the fastest internet connections can be slowed down and compromised by a multitude of factors.  

It is with this in mind that we offer wireless and computer network solutions to our residential and business clients.  Whether it’s a dropped connection,  slow internet speeds, or dead zone in the home, we can address and fix these situations.  In addition we provide computer servicing including troubleshooting errors,  virus removal, system updates, software configuration, data backup, and hardware upgrades.  We provide 24-hour remote emergency support as well as on-location service call support. 

wifi network.jpg
Wi-F Networks

IT Watch

Our homes and businesses are becoming more and more integrated with connected technologies, devices and appliances.  While these technologies can help our day to day lives, it also exposes us to online cyber threats.  From data hackers, to identity thieves, there are potential vulnerabilities within the devices of any local area network.   It is important to manage and keep an eye on them regularly.   

IT Watch is a monitoring service designed to routinely check and analyze your network and Wi-Fi to make sure they are working and secure.  Clients are emailed a weekly statistical report which goes over devices, verifies their operation, and notifies if any issues are found. 


Our advanced IT Watch service provides monitoring for smart home systems such as climate, access, security, cameras, A/V, lighting and other controls.  Often these devices require additional attention to detail that can be missed.  With IT Watch, your complex technology systems are checked, analyzed and verified by our professionals.  This mitigates risk and provides peace of mind knowing things are in good working order.  

Other Services

Home Theater

Home Theaters provide an escape from the day-to-day grind of our lives. People love movies and want to get the most out of their viewing experiences. For a long time, the best way to do this was to drive down to the local theater, buy a movie ticket, popcorn,  and pile in with the rest of the crowd.  However theaters can be inconvenient and downright expensive for a family.

Today many home theater and media rooms are available at many price points, providing the best possible movie viewing experience at home.   Investing in a system like this comes with many wonderful benefits, even some that are not available at the box office and allows viewers to avoid all the things they dislike about going to the theater.

home theater.jpg
Surveillance Camera

Security Cameras

Security cameras provide peace of mind and a set of eyes when not at home.  Our integrated wired, wireless, and doorbell entry cameras are a must for home owners property managers and anyone who wants to protect what matters most.


Our installations provide a complete surveillance platform, using AI-centric management.  With high quality 4K video, and lightening fast on site storage, our solutions provide an option for every deployment. 

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and system design.

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